Here is what some satisfied clients have had to say about my mediumship services:

“Denise did a Mediumship reading for me. She caught on to major details and was able to help lighten the grief. Not only is she a very good medium, but a very bright light in this world!”

~Dani Wyse

“I had a great reading with Denise! She could not have responded to my feelings and personality more accurately! She made me feel good about myself and who I am. She gave me tools to use when I’m feeling vulnerable and unsure. Thank you again Denise!”

~Rita Nye

“Denise is insightful and talented. She does an amazing job connecting with spirit. The reading was very detailed and fun. She was able to connect with an Aunt that had passed away a couple of years ago. I appreciate the insights Denise gave both through spirit and through the cards. I had never had a duel reading before. I highly recommend Denise.”

~Jennifer Waldrop Wahab

“Denise is amazing!! I recently had a reading with her and she was so on point!! She provided insight into my current situation/question, who was guiding me through this chapter, and the cards she pulled were additional confirmation of the message she was delivering. Denise is compassionate and genuine and I can’t wait until my next reading!! Thank you !”

~Marta Doran

“Denise possesses an emphatic, sincere and caring aura, and puts you at ease as soon as you speak with her. Even a skeptic like myself felt the strong sensation, and emotional connection she made with Spirit. I was hoping that my beloved husband would come through, and thankfully Denise did sense his presence and Denise was able to relay a few messages to me. The images he showed Denise were things that only I would know, and that only made sense to me. The experience gave me a sense of peace and joy, knowing that our loved ones are still able to feel our love and surround us in their own way. Although my grief is a part of who I am now as I navigate this new life I never asked for, thanks to speaking with Denise, and the messages she received from my beloved husband, I feel confident that he truly is at peace, and he does feel my love and his spirit is present. When I am overwhelmed with the heartbreak, and missing him so much, I pull out the notes I made during my talk with Denise, and I can smile through the tears. My sincere thanks to Denise for sharing her gift with me.”

~Selena Robins

"It was wonderful to have a mediumship session with Denise. She has an amazing gift and wonderful insight. I have gained so much knowledge from my reading with Denise, and for the first time in a very long time, I feel that I have clarity moving forward. Denise took her time and answered all of my questions. I would recommend a reading with her to anyone."

~Pam Caster

"Denise provides a unique offering in the mediumship space. After allowing clients to submit a photograph of a loved one in spirit, Denise provides details of that person's life, as well as messages from their spirit in a written format. I had never had this type of reading before so it was nice to know exactly who she would be connecting with and to have the messages in writing for future reference. If you desire to connect with a particular loved one, Denise's unique and accurate photo readings should strongly be considered. "

~Megan Kindred Oracle Card Creator, Intuitive & Spiritual Coach