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As a child, I understood the energy in a room and other people’s emotions. Especially if they were distressed and hiding it. Sometimes I’d tell people what their emotions were and surprise them with my accuracy. People would feel comfortable telling me everything, and I knew something had changed by the time we’d finished talking. They’d feel lighter, better, smiling. When I became a teenager, and later as an adult, people would often tell me they felt like a weight had been lifted away from them after they’d chatted with me.

These days I also weave fictional stories as a novelist and screenwriter. As a writer, I’ve woven together many a tale, and enjoyed my creation. But every soul has their own story.

I know you do.

In my readings, I help people find their true story and bring it into the open. Sometimes all people need is to know that they are understood, and therefore they find personal clarification and insight.

I bring this all together in my Dive Deep Process. In this reading I:

  • Use mediumship to bring forth those in spirit.
  • Clarify life situations using my empathic and psychic abilities.
  • Utilize oracle cards to enhance this knowledge.

I love bringing people life clarification with my empathic, intuitive and mediumship abilities. I also love helping people discover the deep comfort that can evolve from knowing those in spirit are still with them and love them. I’ve also worked somewhat extensively with people who have lost someone to suicide, and I am called to help anyone who has experienced this particular loss.

Now is the time to enhance your understanding of your story. Where you are, where you want to go, and to feel the support of those in spirit.

Your story is waiting to unfold…


Wolf Wisdom Oracle

All my life I’ve found wolves fascinating. The wolf is a symbol of incredible strength, power, stealth and intelligence. Many years ago in a meditation I was approached by a gray wolf…my spirit animal. Sometimes when I do a reading for someone wishing to contact those in spirit, my gray wolf will come to me first and be there during the reading. Because of the wolf’s presence, I became inspired to design oracle cards that would pair a wolf’s wisdom with a woman’s and create a guide to authenticity and empowerment.

Women often need the reminder that we are amazing. We need a check in daily or whenever we feel the need for guidance. These cards illuminate the light and shadow sides of our personalities and this duality. They remind us to tap into our personal wisdom and find our truth. Don’t be afraid of the shadow side. We all have it. It’s what you do with it and how you channel it in positive ways that matters.

These cards are for the woman who wishes to ask the wolf within how to live our most authentic and powerful life.

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