Evidential Medium & Creativity Coach

Many people work with a medium because they are seeking connection, comfort and clarity. I love to connect clients with their loved ones in spirit and to discover the deep comfort that can evolve from understanding those in spirit are still with them and love them. As a psychic I also enjoy connecting to people intuitively so I might help them clarify life situations.

My mediumship journey evolved later in life as I came to understand and recognize my empathic connection with people, places and those in spirit.

As a certified creativity coach, I’m excited to help people rediscover their creative drive and to illuminate the steps clients need to take to bust blocks and find the passion to write, act, dance, paint or any other endeavor they seek in the creative arts.

Over my years as a novelist and screenwriter, I discovered the challenges authors face and knew my experience and insight could assist other creatives in their journey toward lifelong creativity.

I am also a Reiki Master and paranormal investigator.